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Over the last year I’ve created a series of website videos for general contractor R.P. Masiello. I produced, directed, shot and edited each video. It’s been a great experience to be working with a client for whom I’ve created still photography for many years. It’s terrific when a relationship develops based on hard work, integrity and trust.


This particular video leverages existing footage from prior projects, along with new material created just for this piece. My client’s goal was to showcase their ability to self-perform using their staff. This sets them apart from many contractors who rely on subcontractors and don’t have an expert staff. While other pieces I’ve created for R.P. Masiello have used testimonial interviews to support the visuals, for this video I took a different approach. I used motion graphics, graphics and sound with the video footage to tell the story. This direction was chosen, in part, so that this video would stand apart from the testimonial videos.

Website Video Production

Working alone or with a small crew and equipment I’ve carefully tailored to each project I’m able to create high quality website video productions. Right now I’m shooting video work with the Canon EOS 300 camera. All of the video footage for this piece was shot hand held with that camera. While it’s always great to be able to light, this camera is amazing using available light, which is what I had to work with for all of the scenes shot here. Although the superior footage this camera produces may be more than is needed for a website video, I’ve found it’s the much faster to work with than using a DSLR. Saving time on the shoot, allowing me to capture more material and the footage is very efficient to work with in post-production speeding up editing! DSLR’s are great for time-lapse photography just like in this video.

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