School Fund Raising Case Statement Photography

Case Statement Photography for Boston University

This was a great project for Boston University’s Development & Campaign Communications! Portraits of faculty and students for the School of Public Health used in a school fund raising case statement. I photographed each subject in a series to create a profile featuring their work. For each series an image was featured in color with other images in black and white.

School Fund Raising Case Statement

A case statement is a cornerstone of school campaign fund raising. These are exciting and fun projects to work on and critically important to a school’s fund raising success. I’ve been fortunate to create photographs for many of these projects.

A Series of Portraits

I spent time with each subject, photographing them in different situations while they went about their work and interacted with their colleagues. This is one of the series of portraits of a physician and international graduate student.

School fund raising case statement portrait photography

School fund raising case statement portrait photography

School fund raising case statement portrait photography

School fund raising case statement portrait photography


Advertising Photography – FedEx Office

Advertising Photography Production

We had a great shoot recently for FedEx Office. Working with the team at the agency we created a library of images to showcase the services and products FedEx Office provides to the hospitality and convention markets. To do that we didn’t just shoot at FedEx Office locations, we also shot during a convention with the talent we hired at actual convention events. So that the shoot went smoothly and we covered the extensive shots list there were lots of logistics and planning to be worked out before the shoot. Part of that planning included a digital scout of all the FedEx Office locations we were considering. For the shoot the client chose three FedEx Office locations in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. One day we had to move the whole company between the two locations. Thanks to the good team work and planning it all went beautifully.

FedEx Office advertising photography shot at the BCEC in Boston, photographer Jonathan Kannair.

Advertising photography production still of a photo shoot by Jonathan Kannair for FedEx Office.

Production Team

It’s great to work on advertising photography productions with a larger crew. For this photo shoot in Boston, in addition to my crew of a digital tech and an assistant we had a wonderful producer who the agency had worked with before as well as help from a local casting company who I’ve worked with previously for our talent. We also had a great hair and make-up artist who provided grooming for the talent and the FedEx employees who were photographed. Having produced many complex projects like this one of the things I like best is being able to assemble a fantastic production team! Many thanks to all the crew, big thanks to photo assistant and digital tech Dave Nicholson and Daniel Tedeschi.

Image Library

We delivered a very large image library of images that covered many different scenarios and product for FedEx Office. The images exactly captured the real life style and authenticity that the client wanted.

Advertising photography for FedEx Office shot at the BCEC in Boston, photographer Jonathan Kannair.

Production still of advertising photography photo shoot by Jonathan Kannair outside a FedEx Office in Boston.

Capital Campaign Photography – Boston University

Capital Campaign Photography

This was a fun fast paced shoot for a capital campaign photography library — The Campaign for Boston University. It was a busy and full day covering nine different locations at two campuses, Charles River and the Medical School (a few miles apart from each other).

Starting very early at the Charles River campus I worked through some of the locations I had been asked to cover. I arrived at New Balance Field at noon. There wasn’t much activity and the light was harsh so I headed to the Boston University Medical School Campus. I planned to return to the field at the end of the day for twilight. With a number of locations to photograph at the med school campus I made a circuit of the most interesting locations. Then I visited each more than once as the activity changed on campus. Wrapping up at the med school campus I headed back to the New Balance Field to photograph women’s lacrosse and intramurals. That worked out really well as the light was nice and teams were practicing.

Capital Campaign photography at Boston University Medical School with students in a class outside on the campus, photographer Jonathan Kannair.

Two Boston University women's lacrosse team members on the sidelines at New Balance Field for capital campaign photography, photographer Jonathan Kannair.

Creative Direction

There were specific sites I had to cover and a wish list of images. These kinds of assignments I liken to a treasure hunt, a fun challenge. Going into the shoot I didn’t know exactly how the work would be used so I photographed as many scenes as possible from different angles and as different compositions.


As it turned out five of the images I made that day were selected for use in a 2014 capital campaign calendar!