Editorial Photography – Teach For America

Feature For Teach For America’s Alumni Magazine

I look forward to editorial photography assignments. There are often interesting subjects and locations like in this feature for Teach For America’s Alumni Magazine One Day. This story is about the diversity at KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate, a high school ten miles outside of Boston. The energy of the students, teachers and staff is special and exciting. They’ve created a wonderful environment for learning. It was a privilege to capture how the diversity of the students is being honored at this unique school.

Editorial photography of a high school student wearing hijab, photographer Jonathan Kannair.

Goals For Editorial Photography

I photographed during the school day without interrupting the students work. Having only a few minutes with a Muslim student I made a portrait of her in the classroom that told her story. Since coming to this school she feels free to express her cultural and religious identity. Another goal was to feature a student leader in a group setting. She shines in the moment surrounded by her classmates and teacher. Point of view is important too. In the spirit of keeping it real, I chose a student’s perspective for a classroom image. For a working portrait of the school’s principal, a Teach For America alumnus, the point of view is through her office doorway showing her environment, dedication and work ethic.

When I’m working with real people, especially in schools, I take time to be accepted and be low-key so the story is not about the photography. Then people relax and forget I’m there.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this assignment for Teach For America. Thanks to the subjects and the staff at KIPP Lynn.

Editorial photography of high school students having fun in a meeting within a classroom setting, photographer Jonathan Kannair.

Editorial photography of social studies teacher in classroom talking with students, photographer Jonathan Kannair.

Editorial photography of high school principal in her office, photographer Jonathan Kannair.

Education Classroom Photography – Mimio

Students And Teachers Photographed In The Classroom

This work is from a series of education classroom photography projects for Mimio, photographing their interactive teaching technologies in the classroom. Mimio creates award-winning innovative teaching tools, which include interactive whiteboards, document cameras, projectors, tablets and software for a host of mobile devices. The products are beautiful and I photograph them as they are used in classrooms, showing how they work and how easy they are to work with.

These projects are just great, lots of wonderful energy and enthusiasm. The shoots just fly by! It’s been especially fun to see how some of the children who I’ve photographed have grown over just a few years. I feel like their growth has mirrored the fast changing technology Mimio creates, when in our recent shoot there was a big focus on the newest mobile devices.

Portrait of elementary school student in a classroom for education classroom photography, photographer Jonathan Kannair.

Education classroom photography portrait of an elementary school student at a computer work station, photographer Jonathan Kannair.

Education classroom photography of elementary school student using an interactive whiteboard, photographer Jonathan Kannair.
Education classroom photography of elementary school teacher and student working with interactive whiteboard, photographer Jonathan Kannair.
Education classroom photography of elementary school student working with an iPad, photographer Jonathan Kannair.
Producing Education Classroom Photography

Most of the talent for these shoots are real people, including the students and teachers. Between my resources and the client’s contacts we’ve found some great classroom locations too, with beautiful natural and even nice artificial light. For these and similar projects I’ll supplement the existing lighting with HMI lighting. I find working that way is very fast and efficient as the light is easy to see and work with to get a natural look. Since we’re creating a library of images with a lot of talent and a big shots list, working very quickly is really important.

The high production values for these projects start with location scouting, real people casting, talent selection, thoughtful planning and then I bring together a great team for the shoot including stylists and hair and make-up artists. The results have been an extensive photography library, which has been used for print advertising, collateral, websites and trades show graphics.